10 Dirty Secrets That Was Exposed In The Davido-Patrick Dirty Saga

10 Dirty Secrets That Was Exposed In The Davido-Patrick Dirty Saga

The drama between music talent manager, Patrick and Davido, over Peruzzi, is currently one of the most gossiped topic on social media now.

Patrick who initially signed Davido’s music artiste, Peruzzi to his record label named ‘Golden Boy Entertainment’ has opened the Pandora Box and it’s contents are not only bad for the eyes but also disturbing to the ears.

Both parties have been going back and forth with verbal attacks on social media with tension escalating.

These are some takeaways from the ongoing battle:

(1) Davido’s hit song FIA was actually written and sang by Peruzzi who handed it over to his boss probably after being compensated with cash. So many hit songs of Davido have been trailed by similar rumours in the past.

(2) The highly-publicized ‘Assurance’ song was probably written by Peruzzi also as Twitter users have been analysing the lyrics which share similarities with a certain tweet Peruzzi made in the past.

(3) Peruzzi might have dated ChiomaDavido’s baby mama as claimed by Patrick who believes he ‘pimped her out’ to Davido after lying that they are cousins.

(4) The strength of Davido’s love for Chioma might be presently weak as they initially unfollowed each other on Instagram and then followed again to apparently douse the tension in the public eye.

(5) Controversial blogger and journalist Kemi Omololu Olunloyo who claimed Chioma wasn’t faithful to Davido long before this drama might be credible after all. She was also the first to report that Chioma was pregnant, although she denied it only for maternity pictures to be uploaded online.

(6) The reported N45 million Porsche Davido bought for Chioma on her birthday might be a ruse as Kemi Olunloyo has affirmed again. She has also reminded us of the publicized cooking show of Chioma which never materialized. It might also be an ‘audio show’ in the local lingo.

(7) Davido might not be a ‘Father Christmas’ as he appears online. He is so frugal with money. Patrick seems like a guy who only wants a bite of the money Davido has made off Peruzzi which Davido might have been opposed to.

(cool If it’s confirmed that Peruzzi and Chioma were once bedmates as there is no smoke without fire, a paternity test needs to be carried out on baby Ifeanyi immediately.

(9) Again, if indeed Chioma hasn’t been transparent in her love dealings with Davido, her intentions in his life might just be questionable. She could be there to ‘secure the bag’ like his first baby mama, Sophia Momodu obviously did.

(10) Lastly, Davido’s musical talents might be overrated with almost half of his hit songs being linked to other artistes although it’s a norm abroad.

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