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Hi Guys!!

Let’s shake some tables today.

Every man is a potential one minute man and many ladies don’t appreciate a man that cums too fast.

So, guys have mastered different lies to tell their babes when they release too quick.

Below Are The Lies Men Tell When They Cum Fast:-


1. It’s Because Your Pu$$y Is Too Hot


2. Are You Not The One That Say I Should Go Faster?


3. It’s Because It’s 8am, You Try Me Around 12 Midnight


4. Maybe It’s Because Of Sugar Drinks I Take Too Much These Days


5. It’s Only Poor People That Do It For 1 Hour. You See Rich Men Like Us, We Love Quick Sex


6. Wait, Did You Use Kayanmata Or What? I Don’t Normally Cum Quick Like This oo


7. I Don’t Always last At 1st round – Wait Let Me Sleep Wake Up For 2nd Round, I Will Shift Your Womb


8. Why Did You Rub My Stomach? Did I Tell You To Rub My Stomach?


9. It’s Because I Was Thinking About The Sex. Next Time I Won’t Put My Mind There


10. See, It’s Because You’re Special To Me. I Just Say Make I Dey Chop Am Small Small


Which Of The Lies Have You Tell Your Babe Before?

Which Other Lies Do You Guys Tell When You Cum Quickly?

Feel free to drop ur Comments

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