Nigeria as a whole is nothing but a chess board to the Government as we the citizens are the chess itself and the player is no one  else but the government who sits and watch as all sorts of calamity befall us.

We’re the machineries they use against ourselves.. Surprised!..? My dear don’t. That has  always being the way of life as lots of people believe they can’t succeed without bringing harm to themselves.. To the issue at hand, our government claims the country has been infected with the Corona virus popularly called COVID 19 yet all we see is nothing but figures and audio update of infected people while other countries even African countries are giving their citizens a visible update of the infected ones to show transparency and also to prevent further cases but here in Nigeria, the reverse is the case. some doctors are employed by our so called governments to inject innocent citizens there by getting them infected in the process and some who are merely sick are injected to death claiming they died of Corona… Hmmm what a cruel world mind you our pain brings them joy.

 They keep students indoor all in the name of Corona virus. Oh Lord set us free from this monsters as they are not planning to stop from ruining the citizens’ life anytime soon. Do not misquote, I am not claiming COVID 19 is not real in Nigeria but the figures are being inflated by our so called leaders for their selfish interests. Now students’ hope are so high thinking we would resume soon or we should rather say we hope so under they are done with their looting and now thinks it’s time for us to go back to where they left us…

             Hmmmmmmm my people are really going to continue this way??????

Story Credit – Bizzle

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