I Will Never Allow A Broke Man Climb Me

I Will Never Allow A Broke Man Climb Me

I Will Never Allow A Broke Man Climb Me, My Nails Alone Cost Me N125,000

These days we just see lots of things on the internet and we wonder why these are coming. But actually there is freedom of speech and we should definitely respect each person’s opinion on things we see online.

A Yoruba lady has said she can’t date a man who has no money, pointing out that it cost N125k to fix her nail.

Stephanie Ola who made her mind known via Twitter has since received lots of critiques and insults from Nigerians.

While some say she is entitled to her choice, some have described her like a cheap sex worker looking for unnecessary attention.

I wouldn’t really blame her on this but she is actually setting a standard for her approachers, so definitely if you are to come closer to toast just make sure you have more than 125k in your account because that will only take care of her nails.


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