I’ll always be proud of myself even if I don’t have first class

The 2019 best graduating student of Adeleke University, Ede, Osun State, Rita Oluwadarasimi Agha, graduated with 4.85 CGPA from the Department of Mass Communication in the Faculty of Business and Social Sciences. In this interview with BOLA BAMIGBOLA, she shares the secret to her success

How easy was it graduating with a first-class degree?

I won’t exactly use the word easy, because it was not. However consistent studying, both inside and outside the lecture rooms every day, working with media organisations, making use of the facilities provided by my institution for educational purposes and prayers, among other things, made it possible.

You said part of the things that helped you was that you worked with some media houses, could you expatiate on that?

Yes, I worked with a radio station for six months. During the period, I was trained in news writing, studio management, conducting interviews, advertising on radio stations, among others. I also worked for a few months as the Osun correspondent for an online media platform. The experience really helped my academic performance.

Was there any point you felt you could not graduate with a first-class degree?

No, there was no time like that. This is because from 200 level to 400 level, my results’ grade point average for each semester never went below 4.69.

When did you start having results that could make you graduate with a first-class degree?

I started having results that could make me graduate with a first-class degree in my first semester at Adeleke University. In my first semester, I had a 4.83.

What influenced your choice to study mass communication?

I would say it’s my love for writing. But a year into studying mass communication, I realised that there were so many opportunities in mass communication that I could tap into. Some of them include public relations, advertising, creative writing, scriptwriting, and reporting. Without discrediting other disciplines, I can boldly say that mass communication is the best discipline among them to study, particularly for me.

How did your background influence your academic performance?

I know that it heightened my determination to do well in school. My mum is a civil servant and so her salary for one year could barely pay my school fees for one semester, so the struggle was real. My dad is an engineer. He and my mum were able to work together to pay my fees, even if it meant sacrificing their own needs for me. I did not want to make their sacrifices and effort end in futility.

Would you have felt bad if you had not graduated with a first-class degree?


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Not really. Even if I had graduated with a second-class upper or lower degree in mass communication, I would still have been proud of myself. It takes an extraordinary person to successfully study mass communication. Most people think mass communication is so easy but it isn’t quite easy. A significant number of individuals believe that mass communication is as simple as being outspoken. Well, it is not. It’s as broad as knowing everything about everything, such as psychology, marketing, religious studies, philosophy and knowledge of the international community, among others. I had to read wide and focus on my studies.

You are also an entrepreneur, how were you able to achieve a balance between your business life and academic life?

Yes, I am an entrepreneur. I make handmade slippers and sandals. I also have a clothing line. I was able to maintain a balance between my business life and my academic life with time management. I had a fixed time I spent on studying daily and a fixed time I spent on managing my business activities.

Do you see yourself becoming an entrepreneur now that you’ve graduated or do you see yourself as a career person?

I want to pursue both; being an entrepreneur and pursuing a career in creative writing. I hope to get a scholarship to go for a master’s degree programme in creative writing at the University of Kent. I also want to expand my business. I definitely want to explore my interest in both areas.

What was your daily routine in school like?

I would pray, attend classes, spend at least one hour in the school library to read the day’s newspapers and any textbook I find interesting, spend another one hour on business matters and two hours studying. That was how I spent my typical day.

Apart from books and entrepreneurship, did you engage in any other activities in school?

Yes, I did. In my final year at the university , I was the financial secretary of my department. This position got me an award for my meritorious service to my department. I always thought I couldn’t handle school politics and focus on my studies. But in my last semester at the university, I had 5.00. I am so happy I took that opportunity to serve my department.

What is your plan for life after school?

I want to get a master’s degree in creative writing. I dream of a day when every piece of work that involves Agha Rita Oluwadarasimi would interest the world and inspire people for good. I want to establish an international magazine organisation to help me achieve this dream. I also advocate women’s rights through social media platforms. I also want to pursue my interest in fashion, particularly the relationship between fashion and communication.

Were you in any relationship?

No, I was not. I don’t think it would have been a distractio

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