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TeamWewe Group has announced the launch of its football association for the clubs in the local community, this association is said to be called “TWIFA.


TWIFA is a football association organized to develop and protect the sport in the community.

TWIFA IS AN ABBREVIATION OF “THEWE INTERNATIONAL FOOTBALL ASSOCIATION “, which would be governored association by its parent organization “TEAMWEWE GROUP” founded in Lagos with its main mission “To develop the sport for/in the community

Arowolo Daniel O, The Chairman Speaking

According to the Chairman – TeamWewe Group, it was gathered that Twifa is developed with the Vision to introduce enhanced sport to new participants and communities. TWIFA’s development programme will also ensure it engages the community regardless of gender, orientation, ethnicity or religion.

The Mission includes
“To further develop & secure the sport”
“To protect & upbring the community”

The Executive Chairman (Arowolo Daniel O. – Mr Dan) further express that;

Arowolo Daniel O, The Chairman Speaking

TWIFA is established mainly to develop and secure the sport in the community.
To protect and upring the career of young talented future stars.

TWIFA will create a platform that will motivate the players and boost their market value by giving awards and creating award events.

TWIFA will bring the lost football passion back to the community.
TWIFA would develop the games in the community for all.

TWIFA will connect the community to a wide range of competitions.
TWIFA will re-regulate the sport policy and term of games in the communities.

TWIFA will build brighter and better communities future through football.
TWIFA will create a platform that enables community club/players statistics available (for example,match fixtures, players stats etc)

According to the Board Members of TheWe International Football Association;

Board Members of TheWe International Football Association


INVESTMENT :TWIFA will provide and dedicate significant resources (like sports equipment) to clubs that are affiliated with TWIFA. Also there’s the provision human capital for the development of the game, therefore enhancing the experience.

INNOVATION: The football association will leverage technological advancement to improve the quality of the sport experience for all.

OWNERSHIP :The organisation will take greater responsibilities for its governance and effectiveness of its operation.


The organisations mission and vision are set for the growth, enhancement and efficiency of the community sports. If you’ve a club or you know someone who does these are reasons why you should join:

Clubs registered under the association will have access to training kits and equipments at no cost
Clubs will benefit through the associations awards event which holds yearly.

TWIFA will issue COACH IDENTITY LICENSE(CIL) to make coaches look more professional (more for external purposes).

TWIFA will issue CLUB CERTIFICATE LICENC(CCC) to make clubs look professional.

Training events will be open to all clubs affiliated with the association (TWIFA)

TWIFA will provide legal contracts guiding the actions of the clubs against their players and vise versa. i.e when a player is been trained for free, and later on an external agent comes for the player, there would be a due to be paid to the club coach /the association (it could be a one time payment, monthly, quarterly or annually).

TWIFA will modify the football standard laws to suit the community.
There’s a guaranteed insurance policy, it won’t allow a registered player leave the club without the notice of the association.

TWIFA will partner with leagues.. So the clubs under it can participate.
Match fixtures will be obtained for data recordings.

i personally think the association would be a game changer in history of the sport, as many of the governance association tended to focus on more advance features to upbring the game which absolutely make it difficult for clubs in the community to benefit from the sport development.
I believe in the sport development from the grass root, i believe in TWIFA, i Support TWIFA 💯

Remember to follow TWIFA for more information about the development of sport in the community, and also don’t forget to stay tuned to our blog here while we keep you updated on the sport Development in the community.

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