Nigerian Senator’s Nude Video Goes Viral

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Another senator’s nude photo goes viral

WHO is actually after a senator from the North-West? The nude photo of the senator, after a secret rendezvous, has gone viral in the last 48 hours. After a show, the senator was seen naked coming out of the bathroom with a white towel.

His manhood was dangling like a suicide rope.

Although the video clip has been circulated to most senators, they did not see any unethical conduct in what happened. Their immediate conclusion was that someone might have been engaging in blackmail to check the increasing political profile of the senator.

Contrary to the agenda of the video distributors, the senator will not face the Senate Ethics and Privileges Committee for interrogation. He has the sympathy of his colleagues. In fact, he received more sympathy visits in the week than those bereaved. One of the senators was overheard saying : “We all do it but we are smarter than one another. Some are too trusting.

We cannot sanction him on his private life.”

The questions on the lips of most senators are: Who is behind this? Why will a senator be flippant to allow his nudity on camera/ video? Was the release of the video meant to checkmate the governorship ambition in 2023?
The fears in the senator’s camp, however, bordered on the fact that “there might be more videos with his traducers.”

The next few days will define the moral bearing of the 9th Senate.

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